Several Days Later, the Waiting is Almost Over

Sofia and I have stuck together. She belongs to me and I belong to her.We finally ended up with a vet who is a Board Certified Surgeon, apparently the only kind who will deal with this “issue”. Forgive me, but I don’t want to go into detail here. But the good news is — he’s sure it’s benign!!! ( Pending biopsy, of course). Yeah, and I mean the kind of yeah that leaves you feeling 50 lbs lighter than you were when you walked in the office. What a relief! So her surgery is next Tuesday, and I’ll pick her up on Wednesday and bring her home.  She’s only  10 so I figure she’ll be here another five years or so.

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The Waiting Game

It’s so excruciating to wait when a serious issue hangs swinging in the wind. A couple of days ago I discovered a “situation” with my ten year old dog Sofia, and her appointment is tomorrow at 5. Between now and then I wait and think and play vet on the internet. Actually I am pretty darn good at playing vet, but I need a went to school and graduated kind of person on this one. Why is waiting and worrying worse than knowing?

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I sit here waiting here for the floods. Wow, six years ago I could have died in one. I was taking an art class and stayed too long during a horrific thunderstorm; drove home through floods and almost didn’t make it. Seriously, I was praying. Please, let me get home,  as the engine faltered and my car crept towards home. The next morning I discovered someone had been swept away by the river running down our main street. My thank you, thank you, thank yous,  were heartfelt, and ever since then I’ve had the creeps about driving when there are flood warnings. OK, that’s dark, but it’s where I am now. And believe me, I am safe and warm and rescheduling my appointments. Appointments can be rescheduled; life can’t.

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Hello world!

It’s rainy and dark today, but I’m not going to let that blank my day. I feel a renewed energy and focus. Let’s see how long that lasts. Ha!

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